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The Salón Dominicano Story

Sobeida Sánchez was born in the Dominican Republic. She started her career 16 years ago as a professional hair stylist in her country and then in New York. Nine years ago she moved to Orlando, saved money and opened her own salon.

In 2002, Sobeida’s dream came true when she opened a salon on East Colonial Drive. She named it Empire Beauty Salon, reflecting her New York background. Orlando residents obviously weren’t impressed.

Sobeida decided a name change might be in order in mid 2003. “Why don’t I use my country’s name?” she remembered thinking.

With that, Sobeida put a bright red awning on the small building featuring the red, white and blue of the flag of the Dominican Republic. This way it lets passersby know exactly what they would get if they walked in.

It worked. Business skyrocketed, as people familiar with Dominican styling processes and products finally knew where to find them in Orlando.

Fans praise the rich conditioners used in the salon, yummy concoctions that can include carrots, avocados, honey, milk and almonds among the ingredients. Hair straightening methods used in Salón Dominicano are considered to be gentler than other methods.

Salón Dominicano has already earned a positive reputation among clients for their styling methods and treatments of thick wavy and curly hair—and often for less than typical salon prices.

Salón Dominicano was featured by Latina magazine as one of the Nine Best Dominican Hair Salons in the US and the number one in Florida. Salón Dominicano was recognized by The Orlando Sentinel as the Best Dominican Style Salon in Orlando.

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